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Ransome Real Estate - Overview 


Ransome Real Estate provides fund management and investment advisory for investors in real property assets. We seek to create value, and generate superior risk adjusted returns, through targeted, carefully analyzed, and thoughtfully selected investments in real property. Using a proprietary three step investment process, we focus on on identification of opportunities, analysis/plan creation, and execution. 


In a dynamic real estate marketplace, diverse knowledge and understanding translates into real results. Dawson A. Ransome, CFA has significant investment lifecycle experience across asset classes.  Having developed and managed real estate assets from acquisition of raw land, through plan development, lease up, and sale; Dawson is also a veteran of the 2008-2011 GFC real estate recoveries.  Dawson has a 20-year tenure as investment manager experienced in troubled asset analysis, workouts, and active value creation strategies through market cycles.  During the 2008-2011 Dawson worked as an advisor to a national mortgage company as part of its acquisition of a two-billion-dollar portfolio of troubled assets.  The portfolio included collateral ranging from raw land, in process development, residential assets (including multifamily and single-family projects), retail, office, and hospitality.  Dawson advised the firms CEO on valuation and helped assess the realization potential of the portfolio to help guide the company’s investment process. 

We currently provide advisory for several hundred million dollars in real estate portfolio assets for a single-family office. 

 More information is available upon request.

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