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Advisory & Consulting

How do you coordinate all your assets so they work synergistically to achieve your goals and protect your family?  How do you handle taxes, business strategies, estate planning and charitable giving in a way that makes sense for you, your business and those you love?

It’s easy to find specialists in specific disciplines. What is not as easy is to find a trusted expert to deliver a truly comprehensive wealth plan. We understand that managing wealth involves more than simply generating great returns. As the saying goes; “its not what you make its what you keep.” That is why we provide consulting and advisory services to artfully unify life, investment and financial goals. 

Family Office Services

Our Institutional Wealth Management service delivers the firm's capabilities to family office executives with the advice, experience, ideas and tailored service to support institutional level investing, lending, philanthropy, financial reporting and custody.

Family Wealth Succession Planning

When your children strike out on their own. When your parents pass away. When you retire. These are the times you start to think about what your wealth means beyond you and your personal goals. Transitioning your wealth to the next generation can be complicated. It can also be highly emotional. We understand the technical demands and the family dynamics and can help you navigate the process successfully.

Creating a Wealth Transfer Strategy

You enjoy the fruit of your labor but you also want to use it to make difference—for your family, your community and the charities and causes that mean the most to you. We provide advice and guidance for making gifts that balance your philanthropic intentions with the benefits of different tax and wealth preservation strategies. A well-constructed charitable giving plan can also make a difference in your financial life today and help you preserve more of your wealth for future generations.

Retirement Planning

Each person has life goals that are is unique as they are and each plan must also be unique in its nuanced responses to ones personal desires.  We undertake a comprehensive discovery process and take the time to understand you, your family, and your unique values, goals, and objectives. We can help you quantify how best to accumulate and invest based on how close or far you might be from each goal.  One of your primary concerns may be accumulating sufficient assets to live a fulfilling and comfortable retirement. And, planning for the non-financial aspects and unknown contingencies that may arise during retirement is also important.

Estate Planning

Your estate plan is not about you. Proper stewardship is an expression of your love for your family and the things you care most about. A map to help the next generation bring your financial legacy into the future. Trusted advice plays a pivotal role in helping you sort it all out. Our experience brings unique perspective to you and your attorneys to assist in your estate planning process. Getting it right can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give your family.

Family Wealth Management

Figuring out how to grow and manage your wealth during your lifetime is one thing. But when you have to start thinking about preserving wealth for what comes after, and how your loved ones might be affected, that’s a different story. Decisions you make now could change the lives of generations to come. So you can’t wait to start the conversation. We understand the complex and shifting tax consequences and other challenges of family wealth.

Risk Management & Insurance

Appropriate insurance is often an integral part of any wealth plan. Protecting your wealth is as important as growing it. As a risk management option, insurance can replace lost income due to disability or death, provide needed funds for estate taxes or help pay for long-term care, or help ensure continuity of business interests. A comprehensive insurance review can:


  • Help determine if your family or your business is properly covered

  • Reveal the need for updated beneficiary selections

  • Modify existing coverage for cost effectiveness and maximum Return on Investment Identify coverage gaps and recommend new coverage where indicated

  • Suggest future funding patterns based on longevity and likely performance

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