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Ransome Opportunity Equity- Overview


The Ransome Opportunity Equity objective is to generate superior risk adjusted excess return versus the S&P 500 Index using concentrated portfolios (typically 10-20 securities) and an opportunistic, value-oriented, risk-controlled approach. Investments are made in equity shares across the capitalization spectrum and may also include equity-related derivatives (limited to 20% of assets).


Investment Principles

  • Employ a long-term owners perspective to exploit short term investor misjudgment and acquire holdings at valuations which maximize upside and limit downside

  • Independently value businesses using a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors

  • We seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies which provide the opportunity and identify quality businesses we believe are mispriced

  • Identify and purchase businesses whose value is not fully reflected in the marketplace

  • Limit constraint using portfolios that are concentrated and differentiated from their benchmark to achieve meaningful excess returns


The strategy may be offered in various investment vehicles, including separate accounts and private funds. More information is available upon request.

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